Year: 2018

Most popular Web Browsers

If you are making use of the internet, you must be using web browsers. Apart from using social media apps, web browsers are what people use the most. It can be used for various purposes, even if you do not have social media apps installed on your device, you can make use of the web browsers to login to your social media account. Whether you have to open a website or you have to search for anything or want to watch movies online, web browsers are helpful for all these things. Web browsers can be used in different devices also, like in your PCs, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Smartphones.

There are many web browsers which people are using these days. But you should know that not all web browsers are good to use. Some web browsers can even have malware or spyware in them or they may stop working again and again. So, when using web browsers, you need to choose the right web browser. Do not worry as, we do know about some of the popular web browsers, which are safe to use and can work on your device properly as long as you want. Below we have listed the most popular web browsers, which you can use on different devices.


Be it your PC or your laptop or your smartphone, Chrome is one such web browser which is being used in all the devices. It is the most popular web browser among other web browsers. It’s been on top from the beginning only. Whether it is about the performance of this web browser or its security, it will never let you down, when you will use it. As it was developed and introduced by Google, so, it has the Google search functions and features available in it, and that is what makes Chrome more popular. Most of the new functions which the browsers have these days were first added by Chrome only and later on, they were introduced by the other browsers. It also supports different Chrome extensions which you can add or store on the browser for a shortcut. At present, you can use Chrome with different operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.


The second most popular web browser is Firefox. After Chrome, this is the web browser that is used by most of the people in the world. It was developed and introduced with a motive to make the internet available for all. It was made developed by Mozilla Corporation which is a not for profit corporation. Most of the web developers suggest using this web browser only as this browser comes with the additional features that are helpful for the development of web applications. Just like Chrome, this browser also has many modern and new features available in it, that can be used easily by the users. Firefox also has a private browsing feature just like Chrome. Talking about the privacy and the protection of the web browser, Firefox is quite serious about it. And that is why they have the automatic tracking and blocking feature in the web browser. People often use Firefox in conjunction with their other browsers when they are looking at perceived more sensitive content. Many people don’t like the possibility of lack of privacy when browsing adult websites like Ashley Madison or adultfriendfinder where discretion is valued. The good part is that you can use Firefox on both your computer systems and smartphones. Firefox Quantum is the latest Firefox web browser version, which you can use at present on your laptop or desktop. For mobile phones, you can use Firefox on both Android and iOS operating smartphones. Whereas, for laptops or PC’s, Firefox works well with Linux, Windows, and macOS.


After Chrome and Firefox, the third in the list of the most popular web browsers is Safari. The sad part is that you cannot use Safari web browsers on Windows operating systems. Earlier, people used to use Safari on Windows operating system also, but a few years back it was withdrawn. But if you are using macOS, you can make use of Safari. It also works well with iOS and iPad OS. At present we do have an improved version to use it in the iPhones. It is not a new web browser, but its features and performance keep improving.

Internet Explorer

This web browser was introduced by Microsoft in the year 1995. And it became very popular at that time and is still among the list of popular web browsers. It is a simple web browser that has new versions also. It has all the required features related to security, privacy, and internet accessibility. It is not as fast as Chrome or Firefox, but there are many users who are still making use of Internet Explorer.

There are many more web browsers that are being used apart from these. Even, there is a new web browser known as Edge which was recently launched by Microsoft. It is also being said that unlike Internet Explorer, Edge works quite faster. And it is also gaining popularity these days. Some of the other web browsers are Opera, Avast Secure Web Browser, and a few others are there.

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What is Reddit?

Reddit is one of the most well-liked websites on the internet, and you can discover pretty much anything there. But if you’re not knowledgeable with it, Reddit can look like a confusing muddle of jargon, symbols, and the whole sorts of weird content.

Prior to you want to use Reddit to your benefit, you will have to get to make out Reddit and become a Redditor yourself. Reddit is a social networking site for the whole of the content. It has changed customers to most of another social media network, and it works a bit varied as well. But if you can recognize it, you can use it to your benefit and reach huge and wide-ranging viewers.

The folks on Reddit, also named Redditors, are youthful and chiefly between 18 and 24 years old. Most of them pay out hours on Reddit and have an account of their own. They are a little geeky, and they disgust stupid and boring reposts. If they don’t like somewhat, you post they will downvote it right away and post your bad comments. If they do love what you post, they will deliver you upvotes and fine comments, the more upvotes you acquire, the more “karma” you get. These “karma” points are also visible on your Reddit account.

As more and more businesses are flying on the bandwagon of internet advertising. Professionals are busy finding methods to do it differently relatively than opting for the common ways of leveraging Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram when it comes to using social networking sites. If you, too, are seeking a way to take a deviation from the usual price, you can consider using Reddit for your internet selling campaigns.

Why use Reddit?

Reddit is recognized as one of the most well-known and busy websites around the globe, which has a billion views every year with millions of distinctive content published in every possible area. Reddit gives diverse subreddits, which are communities fully dedicated to several niches. You could share links and images, contribute to discussions, increase your network, ad your business, and do a lot more things on Reddit.

Subreddits: when it comes to subreddits, which act as separate subtopic pages, it seems like there really is no end. There are subreddits for world news, shopping, dating advice, find a fuckbuddy, personals, porn, brands, sports, and almost any sub niche within a major category that one can think of.

What can you submit to Reddit?

There are four fundamental submissions: link, picture, video, and text. All of the submissions need a title that Reddit gives the confidence to be interesting but devoid of hyperbole and self-advertisement.

Are there any Reddit guidelines?

As a common rule, reddiquette says aloud that you have to be a civilized person and keep in mind that there’s always a human being on another side of the screen. Yes, no media manipulation or spam is allowed. Just be aware of what you do, attempt to be polite of others, and you will be well.

Reddit for Promotion

Reddit frequently proclaims itself to be the ‘Front Page of the Internet’. If you too are prepared to begin using it for your target marketing, here are some things that can help you get started:

Make a decision what to post: Redditors (these are persons who use Reddit) like things that are comic, unique, fascinating, charming, and often, daring. Relying on what you’re delivering is and the type of tone you want to set for your brand; you have to decide on the kind of posts that you will make live on this stand. For example, a business house selling young fashion attire can have a funky, cheery tone for its posts. Whereas, another into personal finance or devices need to has a little serious tone. Although with light humor combine here and there, at times.

Cooperate and use the voting system well: You have to interact with Redditors to obtain the most out of this platform. Try posting fascinating and eye-catching videos and photos, sharing helpful links, and even inquire for ideas or help. You can also use the voting feature to upvote related comments and post your own comments. Like a lot of different social networking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, etc., upvoting will aid your content climb to the top of the heap. And in the circumstances, it gets sufficient votes; it may build it to the front page as well. If that occurs, you will experience a remarkable surge in your viewers and page views.

Use subreddits with care: At times, you may find subreddits that are appropriate but too targeted. For instance, you may come across one for copywriting but may discover that there’s not much action going on. In such situations, look for alternate ones that are still related and overflowing with submissions, and therefore bringing in more traffic. For a case, a political news writer can influence the subreddit on politics, whereas a game person can advantage from being active on the gaming one.

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