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History of the Internet

If you are reading this on this website today, this means you are making use of the internet. You must be aware of the benefits of the internet in the present world. If the internet will go away from our lives even for one day, or if it stops working, our life will become slow as most of our day to day life and work depends on the internet only. Be it our works or professional work or our social life, they all are dependent on the internet these days. We all should be thankful for the technology and the internet that today we are being able to do things in just a few seconds with the help of the internet. But how many of you are aware of the history of the internet? Do you even know when the internet started and how it came into use? We all should not just use the internet but we should also try to get the information related to it.

From the computer systems to the communication world, the internet has changed everything. Earlier Internet was just known as the worldwide broadcasting system. It was used only as a medium for interaction between two people or for collaboration or for spreading or distributing the information. But at present, the internet is more than these things. It is one of those investments and development, which has helped us a lot and is still contributing to our growth and development.

Who invented the internet?

When we talk about the internet, it is hard to say one name. As there are many brains who have worked towards the development and existence of the internet. Many computer scientists and computer science laboratories worked towards the idea of wide-area networking at different places like in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Many scientists already anticipated in the early 1900s only about the world wireless system. It was the scientist J.C.R. Licklider who was from MIT and ARPA, and he only suggested that for keeping the communications network working and active during the nuclear attack in the US, the computers should be connected. It was then known as the ARPAnet or the ARPA Network. By the year 1965 only, packet switching made it possible to transmit data. By the year 1969, the routing devices of that time were developed by Newman, Bolt, and Beranek. The device was called Interface Message Processors. These devices changed the world of data transmission. Similarly, a lot more changes have been brought on the internet since then, let’s know about it.

  1. Arpanet – It was in the year 1969, on 29th October, when for the first time the Stanford and UCLA computers were connected. It was working on the packet switching technology known as Arpanet. You should also know that it was the first real network. The first message that was decided to be sent at that time was “Login”. However, the link between the 2 colleges got crashed at that time and stopped on the ‘g’ letter only.
  2. Unix – You would have heard about Unix before also. Linux which is one of the famous operating systems is influenced by the Unix only. Even FreeBSD was also influenced by Unix. This was another development for computers and the internet in the year 1969 only.
  3. Arpanet Network – We have already mentioned about the Arpanet Network and why it was developed. This network was established between MIT, Harvard, and BBN. We have also mentioned about BBN above, it was named BBN on the name of the three, Bolt, Beranek, Newman (developers of interface message processor). This was done in the year 1970.
  4. Email – This is one of the most important developments of that time which we all are well aware of. As we all are making use of Email for different purposes. It was developed by Ray Tomlinson in the year 1971. It was his decision only that there should be the symbol of ‘@’ in between the username and the computer name or domain name. His idea was to separate the two.

One after the other, internet technology kept developing with the help of scientists. In the 1970s, the Internet Protocol or Transmission Control Protocol was developed by the scientists Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn. In the transmission of the data through a network TCP or IP plays an important role by deciding how to transmit data between different and multiple networks. Later on, TCP or IP was adopted by ARPANET in the year 1983, on 1st January. Then the researchers and scientists started assembling different networks and that made the internet. It became more popular in the year 1990 when the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, a computer scientist. In between, a lot of practices, developments, and inventions were done in order to create internetwork. Thanks to all these scientists and researchers who made it possible to invent the internet.

Benefits of Internet

There are many benefits of the internet, and most of us know the benefits of the internet. This is a great invention and creation which is helping us access endless information, knowledge, and a lot many things instantly. Now as you already know about how the internet was invented, let’s read about some of its benefits.

  • Easy Connectivity – We all agree with this fact that the internet has made it easy for us to connect with anyone and from any place easily. Whether it is about connecting with our friends and family or it is about connecting with our prospective customers, clients, and users, the internet allows us to do all of these things.
  • Bill payments and online shopping – In the recent past, a lot of changes and developments took place that is very helpful for us. Like these days we do not have to worry about paying our bills, be it the shopping bills or utility bills like electricity, phone bills, etc. We can even shop online anytime and from any place.
  • Learning and spreading knowledge – As we all know that the internet was created with the intention to transmit data only. These days most of the information is available online. Whatever we want to know about, we can search it online with the help of the internet. Even education and learning system is also changing with the help of the internet.
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Most popular Web Browsers

If you are making use of the internet, you must be using web browsers. Apart from using social media apps, web browsers are what people use the most. It can be used for various purposes, even if you do not have social media apps installed on your device, you can make use of the web browsers to login to your social media account. Whether you have to open a website or you have to search for anything or want to watch movies online, web browsers are helpful for all these things. Web browsers can be used in different devices also, like in your PCs, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Smartphones.

There are many web browsers which people are using these days. But you should know that not all web browsers are good to use. Some web browsers can even have malware or spyware in them or they may stop working again and again. So, when using web browsers, you need to choose the right web browser. Do not worry as, we do know about some of the popular web browsers, which are safe to use and can work on your device properly as long as you want. Below we have listed the most popular web browsers, which you can use on different devices.


Be it your PC or your laptop or your smartphone, Chrome is one such web browser which is being used in all the devices. It is the most popular web browser among other web browsers. It’s been on top from the beginning only. Whether it is about the performance of this web browser or its security, it will never let you down, when you will use it. As it was developed and introduced by Google, so, it has the Google search functions and features available in it, and that is what makes Chrome more popular. Most of the new functions which the browsers have these days were first added by Chrome only and later on, they were introduced by the other browsers. It also supports different Chrome extensions which you can add or store on the browser for a shortcut. At present, you can use Chrome with different operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.


The second most popular web browser is Firefox. After Chrome, this is the web browser that is used by most of the people in the world. It was developed and introduced with a motive to make the internet available for all. It was made developed by Mozilla Corporation which is a not for profit corporation. Most of the web developers suggest using this web browser only as this browser comes with the additional features that are helpful for the development of web applications. Just like Chrome, this browser also has many modern and new features available in it, that can be used easily by the users. Firefox also has a private browsing feature just like Chrome. Talking about the privacy and the protection of the web browser, Firefox is quite serious about it. And that is why they have the automatic tracking and blocking feature in the web browser. People often use Firefox in conjunction with their other browsers when they are looking at perceived more sensitive content. Many people don’t like the possibility of lack of privacy when browsing adult websites like Ashley Madison or adultfriendfinder where discretion is valued. The good part is that you can use Firefox on both your computer systems and smartphones. Firefox Quantum is the latest Firefox web browser version, which you can use at present on your laptop or desktop. For mobile phones, you can use Firefox on both Android and iOS operating smartphones. Whereas, for laptops or PC’s, Firefox works well with Linux, Windows, and macOS.


After Chrome and Firefox, the third in the list of the most popular web browsers is Safari. The sad part is that you cannot use Safari web browsers on Windows operating systems. Earlier, people used to use Safari on Windows operating system also, but a few years back it was withdrawn. But if you are using macOS, you can make use of Safari. It also works well with iOS and iPad OS. At present we do have an improved version to use it in the iPhones. It is not a new web browser, but its features and performance keep improving.

Internet Explorer

This web browser was introduced by Microsoft in the year 1995. And it became very popular at that time and is still among the list of popular web browsers. It is a simple web browser that has new versions also. It has all the required features related to security, privacy, and internet accessibility. It is not as fast as Chrome or Firefox, but there are many users who are still making use of Internet Explorer.

There are many more web browsers that are being used apart from these. Even, there is a new web browser known as Edge which was recently launched by Microsoft. It is also being said that unlike Internet Explorer, Edge works quite faster. And it is also gaining popularity these days. Some of the other web browsers are Opera, Avast Secure Web Browser, and a few others are there.

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